On Time, On Budget: The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower


Dear friends,

As you know, we are all very impressed by the steady progress on our Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.  Two years into construction and we are on time (four months ahead of schedule) and on budget. For some time already the Tower has been clearly visible from a distance, and from along the winding road leading to Ein Kerem. Now many more details can be seen as we get closer to completion of the magnificent Tower structure.

Many windows have already been installed, reflecting the autumn sun, and some aluminum frames await glass panes; the building façade beige Jerusalem stone tinged with pink is already clearly visible in many places, enveloping the Tower in the beauty that is unique to Jerusalem.

This week as I was walking from the parking lot towards the Hospital I looked up and saw that work was starting on the 14th floor above ground, the 19th floor of the Tower. The metal casts are being installed so that concrete can be poured on the roof.

I thought to myself: This is it! We have reached a new milestone!

The site is a constant hive of activity. Every day so much takes place behind the scenes and in clear sight. On Thursday I spoke with Rafi Goldenberg, the Head Foreman at the site on behalf of Margolin Bros. Rafi told me that the aluminum facades and windows are already in place up to the 8th floor on the southern side and are being prepared on the eastern and northern sides.

Various systems such as electrical, communications and HVAC equipment are already being installed up to the 16th floor! Main electrical boards have already been installed, and the teams are working on connecting the electrical systems between the Tower and the main Hospital building. Internal partitions are being erected and walls plastered. Some sample rooms have already been completed with innovative AC systems that work on cold water rather than through fan-coils. These systems are efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly.

And down below in the yard-dock area, concrete work on the unloading ramp is being completed, as is work on the Recycling Room. It is hard to imagine the huge amount of construction waste that needs to be removed from such a busy work site chunks of concrete, wooden planks and boards, pieces of plaster, wires, and other items. Rafi assures me that this is also all being done in an environmentally responsible manner – and that thousands of tons of construction waste will eventually be removed from the site.

Work on the Ben-Gurion Square is nearing completion, and waterproofing is now being carried out, one of the final phases before the Square can be fully opened again.

Work on the site continues around the clock, stopping just before Shabbat and beginning soon afterwards. And as I am reaching the end of a long and exciting work week, I had to share all this with you. This photograph was taken on Thursday in the early afternoon. You can see the metal casts erected on Floor 19 the 14th floor above ground, as well as some windows and the stone façade. The picture gives you some idea of the tremendous progress taking place here until you are able to come and see it personally.

Thank you for helping us to make all of this happen, and helping Hadassah to build the future today!

Shabbat Shalom!

Osnat Moskowitz

Director, Development, Donors & Events Dept.

Hadassah Medical Organization


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