What We Do



Stem Cell Research

The Separation of Church and State


Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans

Preserving Principles of Science Over Ideology in Health Policy

Disability Rights

Stronger Gun Control Laws

Environmental Preservation and Energy Conservation



Youth Aliyah Child Rescue

Hadassah-supported Youth Aliyah Child Rescue sets Israel’s disadvantaged children on the path to a successful future. Since 1934, over 300,000 young people from 80 lands have graduated from Youth Aliyah. Young immigrants and “at-risk” native Israelis, many of whom are victims of abuse, receive counseling, education, supportive services in Youth Aliyah day centers, and youth villages. From Hebrew language lessons and classes on Jewish heritage to athletic opportunities and art programs, Youth Aliyah students are given the extra help and attention they need to become productive members of Israeli society.

Pet Program

The pioneering Pet Therapy program and the Ruth Popkin Farm at Ramat Hadassah Szold help students develop both academically and emotionally. Each participant is given his or her own domestic animal to care for. As students bond with pets they become less aggressive and more attentive in class and more willing to work in groups. Interested students can now take their high school matriculation exam in animal care. Graduates are certified to work in animal husbandry with horses, birds and snakes.

Young Judaea


For nearly 100 years, Young Judaea has brought together thousands of Jewish youth from across the country and around the world, of every religious, cultural, and political persuasion, through a shared commitment to Jewish values, Jewish pride, and love of Israel.  With summer and year-round programs in both the US and Israel, from 3rd grade to college and beyond, Young Judaea is truly unique in its ability to offer a fun, safe, social environment that also includes a distinct focus on education, leadership, and social action.

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