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Hadassah sets the standard for health care in the Middle East. The Hadassah Medical Organization includes two hospitals, five schools, out-patients clinics, research facilities and community health centers. We treat over one million patients annually and educate health care professionals without regard to race, religion, or national origin.



Recent Discoveries and Explorations

Nerve cells created from human embryonic stem cells improve the functioning of a laboratory rat with Parkinson’s disease.

Discovery of a new gene mutation and its pathway for causing a fatal pediatric metabolic disease.

World’s first computer-assisted, minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

Cervical collar for trauma patients (in collaboration with Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company) that both protects the neck and keeps the patient’s airway open.

Treatment for lupus, involving a device called the “Lupusorb Column,” which removes antibodies from the bloodstream.

Blood test to diagnose brain tumors using DNA samples from very small fragments of brain tumor tissue, potentially eliminating the need for invasive biopsy.

Development of a peptide (in collaboration with a team from the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, USA) that could save the lives of people stricken with ischemic strokes, by bypassing serious side effects of a medication used to dissolve blood clots.

Possibility of image-guided treatment of cancer through identification of genetic malfunctions and biochemical processes of malignant tumors, using the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) machine.

Back brace for scoliosis sufferers, which signficiantly reduces spinal curvature.

Effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy in safeguarding the heart, when given to healthy women at the onset of menopause.

Attaching a girdle to a woman’s stomach can enable someone who lacks a normal stomach wall to conceive and carry a baby to term.

Severe perforation in a fetus’ abdomen can be treated by removing much of the ruptured intestine a few hours after the baby’s birth.

Generating transgenic plants to yield genetically modified enzymes to treat Gaucher Disease and other enzyme and protein deficiencies.

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