Hadassah Establishes Jerusalem’s First Psycho-dermatology Clinic


The well-known and scientifically corroborated mind-body connection led Hadassah to establish the first psycho-dermatology clinic in the greater Jerusalem region for people suffering from a broad spectrum of dermatological conditions and diseases. Now, in the new clinic headed by Dr. Vera Leibovici, a dermatologist and a psychologist will address peoples’ physical and emotional conditions during the same appointment.

Research has revealed that when people with skin conditions experience stress, their brains activate the glands that release skin hormones and inflammatory cytokines and cause the nerves beneath the skin to react. These stress-related reactions severely aggravate existing skin conditions.

In a vicious circle, chronic skin conditions often lead to emotional distress, especially if the disease causes visible skin distortion or scars. Emotional upheaval in turn, can cause genetic skin diseases to surface or exacerbate existing skin conditions. About 30 percent of skin conditions are stress related or appear as a reaction to an emotional problem. Patients in these circumstances often experience difficulty in their professional and personal relationships.

Hadassah’s holistic approach will benefit people with skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Vitiligo, Lichen planus and recurring Herpes as well as those with an underlying psychiatric cause, such as Factitious dermatitis, Delusional parasitosis, Body dysmorphic disorder or trichotillomania.


One Response to “Hadassah Establishes Jerusalem’s First Psycho-dermatology Clinic”

  1. 1 sandra norian

    Our health and wellness chairperson would like to know other areas of treatment usinf holistic alternatives for illness at Hadassah Hospital. We are presenting a program on this topic. Please respond.
    sincerely Sandy Norian, coordinator for Saddleback Hadassah in Orange county, California. tennisnorian@sbcglobal .net

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