Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower Update


The Skeleton of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson is almost complete; changing forever the skyline of the Hadassah campus in Ein-Kerem. These photos were taken from a near-by hill two days ago. Inside the building, work continues with full speed.

Still, there are new things to see every day. Each morning, I can see a larger part of the external walls covered with the so beautiful Jerusalem stone. For the last 3,000 years, since the construction of the second temple, the Jerusalem stones were attached to buildings using mortar and cement. Here they are using a different method which has been applied in recent years in large construction projects all over the world. Each stone is mechanically attached to the wall.

Yesterday afternoon, I could see right outside my office window yet another milestone in the construction of the tower. They installed the shell of the dome above the rotunda at the end of the atrium. Behind it there’s the bridge that connects the tower to the children’s hospital in the mother & child building on the second floor.

What a view!!!


Ron Krumer

Director, External Relations

Hadassah Medical Organization


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