“Children’s Hallway” Inaugurated @ Hadassah Ein Kerem



The “children’s hallway” was inaugurated in a modest ceremony at Hadassah Ein Kerem. The once dark and gloomy corridor walls underwent a complete “face lift” and were covered with spectacular wall paintings. The participants in the ceremony were Mr. Michael Dayan, CEO of “Tambur” painting company that donated the paint, Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yossef, Hadassah Director General, Dr. Yuval Weiss, Director of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, and the artist Ilan Shaul, who dedicated days and nights in painting along with Hadassah volunteers.

“I had the honor and pleasure to take part in this project”, said Ilan Shaul , “All that’s left is to walk around here and discover the world that we’ve created. This space is used by someone special – the children. For us, who worked on the project, it is now a unique memory.”

Special thanks to:
Esti Katz, the idea’s initiator, in charge of patients and family welfare at Hadassah.

Sami Alkalay, in charge of special projects in Hadassah, who recruited the painter and “Tambur” for the project.

To the employees of Hadassah’s construction and maintenance division, who participated in the project.

And to “Lavy” group volunteers, who helped painting the hallway.

Photos by: Avi Hayun

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