New Update Concerning Flotilla Raid Off Israel’s Coast


Today Hadassah hosted a presentation by Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Gabriela Shalev, to the Jewish Non-Governmental Organizations affiliated with the U.N. Economic and Social Council.  Ambassador Shalev explained that Israel is more isolated than ever. She believes the current tension is similar to when a U.N. resolution equated Zionism with racism. Israel always needs the support of organizations like Hadassah, but at no time has it been more vital than now.

Shalav went on to say that in Geneva, the U.N. Human Rights Council is once again going to call for an international fact finding mission. Israel prefers to do an internal investigation on its own, something it always does in situations like these. After the meeting, the Ambassador returned to the U.N. to meet with Secretary Ban Ki Moon to discuss Israel’s perspective on the situation.

The World Zionist Organization distributed a newsletter to students and Jewish organizations, youth movements and non-Jewish NGOs who are Israeli advocates. The information is informative and includes links to other articles and resources. [View the Newsletter]

Hadassah leaders were also briefed by Ambassador Zalman Shoval late yesterday on his perspective of the situation. He urged Hadassah members to contact their elected representatives to encourage the U.S.’s continued support for Israel. A suggested template follows below. The letter can be used to contact your elected officials or local media, or as talking points for your bulletins, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.


Dear Senator or Congressperson:

The United States and Israel have been strong allies and partners for decades. In light of the recent altercation that took place off Gaza’s coast on Monday May 31, 2010, Israel needs the United States’ continued support now more than ever.

While the specifics of this situation are still coming to light, this much is clear:

  • This mission was not about humanitarian aid but about breaking the blockade.
  • Both Egypt and Israel both offered to have the boats dock in their ports to transport the supplies to Gaza, but were refused.
  • International allies of Hamas use any and all opportunities to transport weapons into Gaza, necessitating Israel’s insistence for a naval blockade as well as strict cargo inspections.
  • The naval blockade is a matter of life and death for Israel and is in compliance with international law.

I am a member of your district who values the freedom, liberty and safety of living in America. The people of Israel deserve that same security. I appreciate your continued support for Israel.


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