Nursing at the Hadassah Medical Center: Implementing a Vision


Hadassah International Report:

The Hadassah Medical Center’s nursing leadership is reshaping the role of nurses to maximize the many skills nurses bring to the medical team.  One chief strategy is empowering nurses with greater autonomy to make decisions to enhance patient care; another is the establishment of a Nursing Research Center to generate hospital-wide clinical research studies.   A new role of clinical nurse manager has been created to coordinate staff efforts to bring about optimal patient care, based on standards that have been proven successful.  The new system will be evaluated through a hospital-wide longitudinal study entitled “Relationship Between Professional Autonomy of Registered Nurses, Leadership Style and Clinical Quality Outcomes As a Result of Perceptual Change in the Nurses’ Role.”

Examples of the new protocols, developed by clinical nurses are:

  • Controlling hyperglycemia with insulin therapy (Intensive Care Unit, Internal Medicine departments)
  • Nurse-led sedation for children undergoing ambulatory examinations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of radiation burns (Radiotherapy Unit)
  • Managing clinical symptoms in selected surgical departments, such as nausea following chemotherapy treatments
  • Controlling pain in the recovery room

The new Nursing Research Center—a first for Israel—created a professional infrastructure to support research by nurses on a variety of clinical topics, from quality control to cost effectiveness to the psychosocial aspects of patient care. The Center is also promoting collaboration between the School of Nursing and the Hadassah Medical Center in these endeavors. At present, there are 35 studies in process across the hospital.

An important aspect of the “new nursing” model is professional development to ensure the success of the protocols and prepare nurses to take on higher-level management positions. Hadassah sponsors continuing education programs, including internet-based courses on a variety of nursing topics, such as safety in chemotherapy administration.

Poised to build a strong cadre of nurses for the future, Hadassah is proud that in 2009, its Henrietta Szold School of Nursing welcomed its largest classes to date

—and expects 2010’s numbers to surpass them!

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