AIPAC Update: Israeli Team Makes Breakthrough in Stem Cell Research


Jerusalem’s Hadassah University Medical Center has announced a breakthrough in methods for cultivating embryonic stem cells, Israel 21c reported. The breakthrough takes stem cell researchers closer to realizing their dream of manufacturing stem cell treatments for disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and age-related macular degeneration. Within the next year or two, companies in the United States and Hadassah’s technology company in Israel will start clinical trials on humans. The center’s advance—a novel technique that allows researchers to grow and cultivate embryonic cells in suspension—paves the way for making this therapy available to everyone, not just the rich. “There is an application to the FDA for a trial [in the United States] to transplant stem cells into patients with spinal cord injury and they hope this clinical trial will start within the next year or two,” said lead researcher Dr. Benjamin Reubinoff.

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