Urge Your Senators to End America’s Reliance on Foreign Oil


Hadassah joined representative organizations from the American Jewish community to co-sponsor a full page ad in today’s New York Times calling for an end to America’s reliance on foreign oil.  Hadassah has long believed that a decreased dependence on foreign oil would bolster U.S. foreign policy options and strengthen America’s support for Israel.  Hadassah also strongly supports environmental protection, based on the Jewish imperative to preserve the earth’s resources, Ba’al Tashhit, “do not destroy”.

Our addiction to foreign oil drives up prices worldwide—pouring funds into the coffers of foreign regimes that hold anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments, support terrorists, and threaten America’s and Israel’s national security. Ending our reliance on foreign oil could stop Iran from earning up to $100 million a day every day for the next forty years — $1.8 trillion worth of oil revenues.

Please join Hadassah and sign this petition urging your Senators to make energy security policy and climate change national priorities.

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