ED & RUTH LEVINSON: Keeping the Train Running



A year ago, Ed and Ruth Levinson of Orinda, California, where Ruth is a member in the Diablo Valley Hadassah Chapter, came to visit Hadassah Ein Kerem. When they stood in the lobby of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center, Ruth noticed that the train was not working. She turned Ed’s attention to it and they decided to do something about it.

Ed was a lawyer for decades, but in recent years has developed expertise in something that began as a hobby–model trains.

Ruth and Ed returned to the hospital the next day and introduced themselves to the maintenance staff. Then, Ed fixed the train and made it work again. But Ed noticed some problems in the train’s engine, so heand Ruth returned to the hospital again on the next Sunday, when Ed spent more time attending to the train.

This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Ed and Ruth have kept in touch with Motti Frank, director of HMO’s housekeeping department, and have become the advisors, mechanics and spare parts providers for the Hadassah Mother & Child train. In addition to providing information and consultation via email, they have sent another engine and additional cars for the train. When they visit, they bring additional spare parts.They even met with representatives of the European company that bought the original train manufacturer, in order to find solutions when original parts are irreplaceable.

Ed and Ruth met 31 years ago on a group tour to Israel. Thank you Ed & Ruth – very special people!!!

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