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A young Israeli soldier was injured when a Palestinian attacked and stabbed him at a road block near Shu’afat in northern Jerusalem. The soldier was taken by MDA ambulance to the Hadassah Ein Kerem trauma unit, located in the Judy & Sidney Swartz Center for Emergency Medicine. The knife was still stuck in his neck when he arrived; that is the protocol in cases such as this. Any attempt to pull the knife out could result in additional damage. This should be done in a hospital.

The soldier was lying silently on the bed. He was fully conscious. He seemed a bit panicked, but was able to answer questions, and even to smile a little. The area around the knife was cleaned and therewas no bleeding.

It was very quiet in the trauma unit. Prof. Avi Rivkind, head of Surgery and the trauma unit, spoke softly with the soldier and Hadassah staff, almost whispering. With him were trauma head nurse Eti Ben-Yaacov, surgeon Dr. Mahmud Abu-ghazallah, laryngologist Dr. Ophir Ilan, and ER nurse Einet Levin.

Prof. Rivkind ordered an x-ray. Reviewing it, the doctors saw that no major blood vessel was damaged. Dr. Mahmud Abu-Ghazallah pulled the knife very gently and, within a couple of minutes, it was out.

The soldier is fine.


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