“Heart for Peace”



By Ron Krumer

Dr. Nae’el Lacham is a Palestinian resident from Hebron, working with Prof. Azaria Rein in the department of pediatric cardiology. Every once in a while, usually at night, he is being called for consultation in one of the hospitals in Hebron.

Jana was born 5 days ago in a hospital in Hebron, with a severe deficiency in her heart. The hospital charges $250 per hospitalization day, which Jana’s father cannot afford. Last night Dr. Lacham was asked to come and look at the baby and give his opinion. He decided that the only way to save her was to take her to Hadassah – which is a very difficult thing to do. This morning Dr. Nae’el presented Jana’s case in the daily meeting in the department at Hadassah. The decision was quick – to try and bring Jana from Hebron to Hadassah. Prof. Rein gave the OK after he made sure that there was a bed for her in the pediatric intensive care unit (Dr. Ido Yatsiv), and that the hospital management was ok with this (Dr. Yuval Weiss).

Maya Meirovitz is the department’s secretary. The logistic mission was her responsibility. She had to coordinate with the hospital in Hebron, the Red Crescent Society in Hebron (for an ambulance to take the baby from Hebron to Israel), An Israeli ICU ambulance company (to meet the Palestinian ambulance half way and bring the baby to Hadassah), the Israeli Civil Administration Authorities (to get an entry permit to Israel for the father), and with the various departments at Hadassah. It’s hard to believe, but within 2 hours Jana was here at Hadassah!!

The pictures were taken about 2 hours ago, when Prof. Rein and Dr. Julyus Golender prepared for an ultrasound test in order to determine if the baby could undergo catheterization. Right now, as I’m writing this to you, Jana is in the cat. Lab. Undergoing the procedure.

Some of you will ask if the Palestinian Authority have renewed referring patients to Israeli hospitals. The answer is no. However, the “Heart for Peace” program at Hadassah has nothing to do with the PA decisions, as it is financed by Hadassah and generous donors (mostly the “Heart for Peace” organization in France, headed by Dr. Muriel Haim).


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One Response to ““Heart for Peace””

  1. 1 Elke Erehefsky

    amazing story. This is an incredible way to keep us members informed.

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