The Final Concert


We would like to share with you one of Ron Krumer’s personal experiences at HMO. Ron is the Director of External Relations at the hospital.

Working in Hadassah hospital, has provided me with many powerful and emotional experiences. After some years, I thought I became “immune”. Years of Intifada and other heart tearing experiences convinced me that I saw everything. Well, not until today.

Earlier today I was asked to speak with a young man. His name, Eliad Sharoni. Eliad told me that he was visiting his 43 years old sister Yifat in the oncology department. “My sister has only a few days – maybe even hours – before she will die”, he said trying not to cry. “I came especially from Italy to be with her, spending last night massaging her for hours to try ease her pains. This morning I went to have a cup of coffee and I saw a piano in the main lobby of the hospital. I am a pianist and my sister never heard me play. I’d like to bring her on a wheelchair and play for her.”

I said yes of course, and he started crying, telling me that this was his last chance to compensate for not spending time with her before.

For the next 30 minutes I was a witness to one of the most powerful and moving concerts I have ever heard. Eliad, who turned out as a great piano player, was playing and crying, while his sister, who was too weak to speak or move, was sitting on a wheelchair in front of him, listening. Only her shiny black eyes could tell what was happening inside her. Their mother stood behind her, holding her hands through the entire concert.

As the concert went on, people gathered around looking at the surreal scene. It was very difficult to comprehend what we were watching. It was as if everything stood still.

And then it ended. Eliad hugged his sister, told her how much he loved her, took her back to the department, the maintenance people locked the piano and life went on again.

The attahched pictures do not need an explanation.

Ron Krumer

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